Youth opposition

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  • Youth opposition
    • Edelweiss Pirates in 1938
      • By 1939 they had 2000 members
      • Nazis weren't threatened by their activities
      • Went camping and on hikes in the countryside to get away from Nazi restrictions
      • Taunted the Hitler youth
      • Read and listened to banned music and literature and wrote anti-Nazi graffiti
      • Based mainly in working-class districts of large cities
      • Alpine Flower - their symbol
      • Formed in late 1930s - maybe a consequence of Nazi policies enforcing Hitler Youth Membership
      • Made up of mainly boys who copied American style clothing - checked shirts and white socks
      • Sang 'Smash the Hitler Youth in twain, our song if freedom, love and life'
    • Swing Youth
      • Similar to Edelweiss
      • Choose not to conform to Nazi ideas
      • Wore American clothes, listened to A music and films
      • Drunk alcohol, smoked and danced
      • Organised illegal dances attended by thousands
      • Made up of children from wealthy families
    • How effective was youth opposition up to 1939?
      • Limited to;
        • Writing anti-Nazi graffiti
        • Told anti-Nazi jokes
        • Attacking Hitler youth
        • Listened to banned music
        • Wore American style clothing
      • Motives were cultural rather than political and their numbers were limited


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