Living in Nazi Germany - Nazi youth movement

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  • Youth in Nazi Germany
    • Boys
      • What were boys for?
        • Soldiers, Hitler knew that war was inevitable and he would need millions of soldiers
      • Organisations for boys
        • At 5 they joined the Little Fellows
        • At 10 they joined the German Youth
        • From 14-18, the Hitler Youth
        • Emphasised obedience through military discipline
      • What happened?
        • Regular camps encourages obedience to the Nazi state rather than parents
        • Informing on friends/family who were insufficiently pro-Nazi was encouraged
        • Loyal members received awards and the opportunity to attend mass parades
    • Girls
      • What were girls for?
        • The Nazis wanted to produce a new master race in Europe, the Aryans
        • Hitler wanted to increase Germany's population massively, so they needed women to have many children
      • Organisations for girls
        • At 10 they joined the Young Girls movement
        • From 14-18 they were part of The League of German Maidens
        • Taught to produce children for the Master Race
      • Previously there was nothing for girls
    • Membership was voluntary at first, but pressure to join was intense
      • Young people were accused of being anti-Nazi if they refused
      • Became compulsory in 1936
    • The Nazi Youth movements were linked to the Nazi education system


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