Opposition to Nazis by youth groups.

Eidelweiss Pirates

  • Mainly working class
  • Made up of boys who didn't like the discipline of the Hitler Youth
  • Had 2000 members in 1939
  • Formed in 1930s
  • The Eidelweiss flower was their symbol
  • Wore American Clothes
  • Read and listened to banned literature and music
  • Anti-nazi graffiti
  • Taunted and attacked Hitler Youth
  • Went camping to experiance true freedom
  • Nazis weren't threatened by them
  • Focused more on culture and not politics
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The Swing Youth

  • Mainly middle class
  • Didn't conform to Nazi ideas
  • Wore American clothes
  • Listened to American music
  • Gathered to drink, smoke, and dance
  • Organised illegal dances
  • Bought records and record players to listen to illegal jazz music.
  • Focused more on culture and not politics
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