Nature of Nazi government 1934-39

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  • Nature of Nazi government 1934-39
    • Leadership
      • Nazi state operated on the policy of Furherprinzip
        • Every area of life had someone in charge to tell people what to do
      • Essential to work together and not make their own decisions
      • Intiative was frowned upon
      • Important to work as a nation and think only of the good of the nation
    • Volksgemeinschaft
      • 'people's community'
      • Nazis wnated nation to work for the common good
      • People are expected to obey the Nazi government and sacrifices for the nation
    • Control
      • Important feature
      • 26 April 1933 - Goering established Gestapo
      • Gestapo-controlled concentration camps were set up to manage prisioners
      • Control 'political matters'
    • Administration
      • Done by civil service + Wilhelm Frick = Ministry of Interior
      • 'Reformed' Frick's civil service came in conflict with Reich special agencies + Nazi party officials
      • Ran on fuhrerprinzip
      • Nazi party would intervene where there were gaps in the civil service
      • Civil service decisions took a lot of planning but were regularly overruled by Nazi principle
    • Decision-making
      • Hitler left decision-making to others
      • Everyone needed to be aware of the broad principle of what Hitler wanted
      • 'working towards the fuhrer'
      • Hitler stopped people working together to form policy as this made it easier for opposition groups to form
      • Those who were loyal got more power and responsibility
    • One Nation
      • Nazi against the division of Germany into Lander
      • Wanted a centralised state, with centralised administration
      • March 1933 - Lander stripped of many power
      • 30 January 1934 - Law of Reconstruction of the Reich terminated the Lander. Germany had unity that overrode regional differences
      • Lander was to be reorganised, with Frick running regional and local government
        • Never really achieved. Frick's civil service frequently came in conflict with Gauleiters


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