Political and governmental change, the nature of the Nazi government 1934-39

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  • The nature of the Nazi government, 1934-39
    • Volksgemein-schaft
      • People's community
      • The whole nation would work together for the common good
    • One Nation: against Lander. Wanted a centralised state
    • Lebensraum
      • 'Living space'. Land would be taken from countries to provide Germany with farmland
    • Fuhrerprinzip
      • Leadership principle
      • Strict hierarchical order. Make people work together and not make their own decisions
    • Hitler kept ministers in the government that weren't Nazis for continuity
      • Confusion as to who did what in the government. Could have been for competition to please Hitler
    • Gestapo used to control political matters and concentration camps.
    • Abolished cabinet meetings to stop people working together and potential opposition groups


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