Munster and Geraldine Rebellions

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  • Munster Rebellion and Gerladine's Rebellion
    • Fitzgerald's Munster Rebellion 1569-73
      • Key Events
        • FitzMaurice attacked the English at Cork - 4,500
          • Went on to besiege Kilkenny
        • Forced by the Englihs into the mountains of Kerry
          • Used guerrilla attacks on the English - for three years
        • Submitted on 23 Feb 1573 - negotiated a pardon for his life
          • 1575 - went to France to seek help from Catholics to start a new rebellion
      • Aftermath
        • desmonds' Military forces limited to 20 horsemen
        • Sideny executed up to 800 rebels
        • 20 castles were captured
      • Causes
        • Resented attempts to colonise Ireland
        • calim that Elizabeth wanted to introduce 'another invented type of religion' a rallying point
        • Anger at growing presence of the English on the Irish plantations
    • The Gerladine Rebellion 1579-83
      • Key Events
        • 10 Spet 1580 - 600 Papal troops landed at Kerry to support the rebellion
          • Besieged and surrendered after two days of bombardment
        • English used scorched-earth tactics
        • Earl of Desmond pursued by English forces
          • Nov 1583 - killed by the O'Moriarty family
        • Summer of 1580 - English retook the south coast
          • Destoryed the lands of the Desmonds
        • Some success defeating the English at Glenmalure
        • Rising had spread into Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connaught
      • Causes
        • FitzMaurice returned from Rome
          • Argued Irish Catholics did not owe loyalty to a heretic monarch
        • Pope gave his backing with 600 spanish troops sent
        • Main greivance with the English settlers and Dublin administration


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