Causes of Tudor rebellions

Grid showing which rebellions had which causes

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Causes of rebellions
Political Religious Socio-economic
Lovel Tried to overthrow
Henry Vii
Simnel Pretended to be the
Earl of Warwick
Yorkshire Resentment over
paying tax for war with
Warbeck Pretended to be the
Duke of York
Cornish Resentment over
paying tax for war with
Amicable Grant Against Wolsey Resentment over
paying tax for war with
Silken Thomas Against the arrest and
imprisonment of his
father, the Earl of
POG Against Cromwell, Marched under the Against the 1534
Cramner, Audley and banner of the Five Subsidy Act and one of
Rich (councilors), Wounds of Christ, most the grievances
included members of of the demands were mentioned enclosures
the disaffected religious, against the
pro-Aragonese faction dissolution of the
Western Against the new Against the Subsidy Act
Protestant Prayer of 1549
Book, marched under
the banner of the e Five
Kett's Wanted more radical Against enclosures
Protestant reforms and
better teaching of
Catechism and Prymer
Mary Wanted to restore Mary on the throne
Mary to the throne meant a Catholic
Wyatt Against the marriage to Many of the rebels
Phillip were Protestant
Shane O'Neil Wanted to be the Earl
of Kildare
Northern Earls Wanted to marry Mary Leaders were
Queen of Scots to the Protestant and

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Causes of rebellions
Duke of Norfolk, Elizabeth was not
against William Cecil radical enough
Munster Against English
Geraldine Against English Spread rumours of a
settlements `new type of religion'
Tyrone Against English rule
Oxford Severe socio-economic
Essex Against Robert Cecil
Broad observations
Religious rebellions were only an issue between 1536 and 1549, then declined in importance
until Elizabeth's reign during which no religious rebellions occurred in England
Socio-economic causes were only a primary cause of rebellion up until 1549, after which no
rebellions…read more


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