Modern analytical techniques

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  • Topic 7
    • Molecular ion peak
      • The peak furthest to the right
        • If there is a peak next to it with a value +1 higher than the MIP it is carbon13
      • Equation to show the process
        • EXAMPLE: C4H10 + e-   -> C4H10+ + 2e-
    • Fragmentation
      • Positive ion made
      • Neutral (usually a radical) is made
    • Mass spectra structure deduction
      • M/Z values tell you what may be present at the peaks
      • If two graphs show isomers of the same organic compound you can figure out their separate structures
    • Infrared spectroscopy
      • Bonds stretch and bend when absorbing infrared radiation
      • The narrow peaks show the most absorbed value
        • Each bond have a unique wavenumber
      • Non-polar molecules dont' absorb infrared radiation
      • Functional groups can be determined by looking at the peaks and the value table


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