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  • Memory      The process in which we store and retain information and events
    • Capacity
      • how much memory can be stored
    • Duration
      • how long a memory is stored in the brain before it is forgotten or lost
    • Encoding
      • the way the information or event is stored
    • STM
      • Duration Peterson and   Peterson the random word study, they found 90% remembered the word after an amount of seconds but after 18 sec only 2% remembered
        • shows that STM's duration is very small less than 30sec
      • Capacity Miller's magical numbers 7+/- 2
      • STM encoding is acoustic (sound) for example when we repeat numbers over and over again to remember it (we are really trying to keep it in our STM)
    • LTM
      • Duration Bahrick the year book study. found after 48 years people in study remembered 70%of the people in their year book
      • Capacity: Unlimited
      • Encoding in the LTM we store things by their meaning (semantic)
    • The Multi-store model
      • Atkinson and shiffrin


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