HCI - Meeting Needs of Young Children & Disabled Users 

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  • Meeting Needs of Young Children & Disabled Users
    • Young Children
      • Minimum amount of text
      • Child friendly font and size
      • Bright colours to attract attention
      • Uncluttered appearance
      • Minimal use of keyboard
      • Use Speech synthesis
      • Animation and videos to keep interest
      • Instant feedback on responses
      • Interactivity eg. Quizzes, games
    • Disabled Users
      • Speech recognition rather than keyboards for users who cannot use keyboard or mouse
      • Specialist input devices such as those which use blow pipes or eye movements
      • Ability to magnify areas of screen to aid users with poor eyesight
      • Use of correct colour schemes to help people who are colour blind or dyslexic
      • Use of Braille  device
        • Eg. Weighing fruit in a supermarket - touch screen has Braille alternative
      • Use visual messages rather than beeps or warning sounds for users who are deaf
      • Use of large mouse for those with poor coordination
      • Use plenty of contrast between the text and the background to aid people with poor eyesight


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