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  • HCI
    • Factors when designing a good HCI
      • Differentiation between user expertise
        • Expert user knows the shortcuts so can complete task quickly
        • Novice user needs to do everything step by step
      • Consistency of signposting and pop up information
        • Every next should be in the same place using the same icon
      • Clear navigational structure
        • Speeds things up if there is a similar route through the program
      • Customisable to suit the needs of the user
        • Makes it more efficient if the user can change items to suit their work preference
      • On Screen help
        • Rather than wasting time looking in manuals
      • Use by the disabled
        • Braille keyboard for the blind
    • Disabled Users
      • Visually impaired people can magnify
      • Braille keyboards for the blind
      • Speech recognition for people who cannot type
      • Changeable colour schemes for the colour blind
      • Large fonts for the visually impaired
    • Novice and Expert Users
      • Provide tutorials for novice users
      • Use of wizards to take novice users through tasks step by step
      • Provide shortcuts for expert users
      • An expert can customise the interface to suit their needs
      • Increased number of ways to complete same task
    • Young Child
      • Minimum amount of text on screen
      • Bright colours to attract their attention
      • Instant feedback
      • Interactivity
      • Have an uncluttered appearance


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