Medical Medicine and Civilisation

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  • Medival Times
    • Medival Civilisation
      • 5th Century AD- Europe developed into small fiefdoms.
      • Division meant knowledge was spread slowly, as communications were difficult and dangerous
      • Academic knowledge were held in monastries
      • There were no universities
      • Very few common people could read or write, most were superstitious.
      • After 1066, universities were established, trade and communications developed, especially by the sea.
      • HOWEVER, knowledge about medicine stagnated, knowledge was lost when the roman empire collapsed.
      • There were a lack of resources to build public health systems.
    • Medical Knowledge
      • Ancient knowledge of Greeks and Romans had been mostly lost in Europe.
      • People were  mostly dominated by the church and superstition
      • Galen was the only text supported by the Church
      • The Church forbade dissection and investigation of the body.
      • University lectures on anatomy were still very basic, and new ideas were introduced based on a students debating skills, not through scientific proof
      • Many medical doctors said disease was caused by demons, sin, bad smells, astrology, stagnant water and Jews.
    • The Medival Ages were the period between  the Roman Empire (AD476) and the Renaissance (1473)
      • The Dark ages were AD476- 1066
      • The High Middle Ages were 1066-1473


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