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OCR GCSE History…read more

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Prehistoric Medicine
The prehistoric people were hunter gatherers, they
lived in small groups, and had a low life expectancy
due to the fact that their lifestyles had only helped
them to live for a while.
They didn't know how to read and write so the only
way to communicate was by speaking.
The prehistoric believed in evil spirits and that they
were the cause of illness.
They were religious people who only cured illnesses
using medical methods.
They used a procedure called trephining.…read more

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Ancient Egyptian
The Ancient Egyptians developed medicine further
than the prehistoric as they had developed a new way
to communicate by reading and writing. This
developed medicine further as medical practices can
be seen that have worked out and that hasn't been
The Egyptians learnt more about the organs due to
Also, they brought hygiene and cleanliness into action
publicly which helped medicine develop.…read more

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Ancient Greece
Greece became wealthy and rich so more people
were able to develop work in sculptors and
Philosophers began to replace supernatural ideas
with natural methods. The suggested that things
were made up of four elements which is water.
Earth, fire and air.
Asclepius the god of healing
Hippocrates the father of medicine
Hippocrates developed the clinical observations
of a patient and this helped develop medicine as
doctors started to observe the patients to see the
symptoms.…read more

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Ancient Rome
The Romans invaded Greece and Greek doctors
became slaves but their knowledge and skills were
Julius Caesar gave the Greeks the right to be Roman
No progress in human anatomy
Used a mixture of common sense methods.
Traditional beliefs in supernatural cures…read more

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Islamic Medicine
New Islamic civilisation
Arabists followed Hippocrates clinical observations
and Aristotle's four humours and Galen's treatment of
The Islamic government set up medical schools and
doctors had to pass exams to get a license to become a
They built hospitals as the Quran emphasised the duty
to care for the sick and to study medicine.…read more


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