Ancient Egyptian Medicine

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  • Ancient Egyptian Medicine
    • Egyptian Civilisation
      • Doctors and Priests overlapped or did very similar things
      • The Nile and better transport meant better means of communication so ideas spread
      • They had a form of writing so ideas could be recorded and passed down
      • Different Gods controlled different things
        • E.g. Illness and Medicine
      • Amulets, charms and rituals were used to avoid illness
      • Created first natural theory of illness based off of the River Nile
        • Said the body had channels like the Nile and if these channels were blocked you became ill
      • Drugs such as opium were used-this is still used today
    • Practical Medicine
      • Believed that the body would be needed in the afterlife so they preserved bodies via mummification
        • Also though material possession were needed so people were buried with their belongings
      • During mummification organs were extracted so it improved knowledge of the human body
      • They did not allow dissection so a lot of knowledge of the body was not gained
      • To unblock the 'blocked' channels in the body purging, vomiting and bleeding were used
      • some medical procedures included recommended foods, showing diet was important
      • Egyptians valued cleanliness, they bathed and changed clothes regularly
      • Some Egyptian toilets were found although it had to be emptied manually


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