Egyptian Civilisation

Egyptians lifestyle, discoveries and progression. BBC Bitesize.

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Egyptian Civilisation

  • World's first great civilisation- stability led to great progress in medicine
  • They created a settled farming economy
  • Organised government, laws and social conventions- people were wealthy enough to pay for medical treatment
  • They developed a religion that included temples, Priests and mummification.
  • Mummification helped Priests to understand the human body- many went on become doctors.
  • Egyptians invented writing and calculation- PROGRESS- ideas could be recorded and passed on.
  • They travelled and traded which led to the discovery of new herbs and spices which could be used in treatment.
  • They developed a wealthy way of life which allowed them to observe and reflect on ideas
  • THE CHANNEL THEORY: The River Nile's irrigation system led some people to believe that the body was also full of channels. They though that if the channels were blocked, this led to disease. They would use purging, bleeding and vomiting to help cure the patient.
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