disease and infection the egyptians

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  • The Egyptians - disease and infection
    • They developed a civilisation that lasted 3000 years. this had very important consequences for medicine.
    • They developed a form of writing that allowed them to keep  records and write books this meant they were able to build up knowledge and pass it from generation to generation.
    • They continued to believe evil spirits caused disease. The emphasis was on spells when new ways to treat disease were trying to be found rather than practical cures. medical books normally contained chants and spells instead of remedies.
    • The Egyptians did have some herbal cures but these were not thought to be important because of the spiritual cause of disease.
    • The Egyptians also began trade widely and found new spices that could be used to treat disease.
    • The Nile was a great influence on Egyptian life water was taken from its channels to irrigate crops. this lead the Egyptians to believe that was made of channels and when they were blocked they would become ill
      • however they were not sure how to unblock the channels inside the body so it was difficult to develop treatments based on this idea


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