Medical Ethics - Key Words

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  • Medical Ethics
    • Sanctity of Life
      • The belief that life is holy or sacred, it belongs to God and is a gift which should be protected
    • Cloning
      • The act of making an exact genetic replica of a living being
    • Abortion
      • The ending of a pregnancy through unnatural means before the birth of the baby
    • IVF
      • Taking an egg and sperm combining them in a lab and placing the fertilised egg into the woman
    • Suicide
      • The act of a person willingly ending their own life
    • Pro-Life
      • Life should be preserved at all costs
    • Euthanasia
      • Active
        • Someone physically takes an action to end a life
      • Passive
        • The person will die naturally, but is kept alive by artificial means, what is keeping her alive is stopped
      • The taking of your own life with the assistance of another when terminally ill
    • Pro-Choice
      • Mothers choice  whether she chooses to have an abortion
    • Animal Testing
      • Experiments on animals


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