Medical ethics

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Medical Ethics= Key Words

Abortion= an operation to remove foetus during pregnancy.

Assisted Suicide= When someone helps another person end their life.

Cloning= Scientific process to duplicate cells.

Conception= Moment when sperm fertilises egg. 

Dominion= Rule over Earth. 

Euthanasia= when someone kills someone else who is terminally ill.

Fertility treatment= Medical help to allow a couple to conceive if they cannot do so naturally.

Medical research= Experiments or investigations to help cure a disease. 

Sanctity of life= All life is sacred. 

Suicide=  Ending your own life. 

Surrogacy= A woman who carries another couple's baby in her womb. 

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Medical Ethics= Sanctity of life

  • Life is God given= 'god created man in his own image'.
  • The body is a 'temple' of the holy spirit. 'You yourselves are God's temple'.
  • All life is sacred. 'Aren't two sparrows sold for one penny yet not one is forgotten by God'
  • Life should not be destroyed. 'Do not Murder' .
  • God has a purpose for everyone 'I knew you in the womb'. 'You put me together in my mothers womb'.
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Medical Ethics= Abortion

Pro Choice= Woman's choice, Pro life= Abortion is wrong. 

Non-religious for= *****, disabled child, if mothers life is in danger, no child should be unwanted. 

Non-religious against= disabled-still have a good life, adoption. 

Christian's against (Catholics)= Sanctity of life, 'do not murder', 'Put me together in my mothers womb', 'you shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb', 'the lord gives and the lord takes away'.

Christian's for= Agape,'love thy neighbour', golden rule- 'treat others as you would like them treat you'.

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Medical Ethics= Fertility treatment

IVF= egg and sperm fertilised in test tube. AIH- husbands sperm used. AID= sperm or egg donor. Surrogacy= another woman carries the baby. 

NR for= Everyone has the right to have a child, science can help. 

NR against= Shouldn't intervene with nature, can adopt, costs. 

C for= 'be fruitful and increase in number', golden rule, agape. 

C against (Catholics)= 'the lord closed Hannah's womb', 'the days allotted to me were already written in your book before they ever began'. Allows same-sex couples to have children, unused embryo's destroyed- 'do not murder', adultery- involves 3rd person. 

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Medical Ethics= Cloning + Euthenasia

Therapeutic= Stem cells grown to replace skin or organs=legal. Reproductive= Exact copy of human.= illegal

C For= 'love thou neighbour' ,'stewards'.

C Against= 'the lord gives and the lord takes away'- God is the creator. Do they have a soul? God has a plan for everyone but not the clones? 

Voluntary Euthanasia= someone asks. Involuntary= Doesn't ask. 

Active Euthanasia= positive action e.g. injection. Passive= not positive, taking away medication. 

C For= free will, God is omnibenevolent don't want suffering, 'love thy neighbour', agape.

C Against= God has plan, 'lord gives and the lord takes away', 'do not kill', not forgotten by God 'aren't two sparrows...'.

Hospice= A place that cares for the terminally ill. 

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Medical Ethics= Suicide + Animal Suffering

NR against= unfair to family, selfish, can get help.

  • C against='never will I leave you, never will I forsake you', god does not forget, 'aren't two sparrows...', 'do not murder', 'body is temple of the holy spirit'.  Buried at crossroads not in church. 

Samaritans= volunteers who help ppl. 'love thou neighbour'

Vivisection= cutting up animals for medical research.

NR for= cures, vaccination, saves lives.

NR against= animals suffer, thalidomide= not same cell structure, modern computer programming + can test on stem cells. 

C for= 'rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and every living creature of the land'. Dominion, animals don't have soul- 'God breathed life into Adam', 

C against= stewards, God cares for all creations 'aren't two sparrows...', Noah's ark.

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