R.E. Medical Ethics

My revision notes for the R.E Medical Ethics (Christianity) exam on the AQA course. It includes key words and quotes as well as Christian view points.

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R.E. Medical Ethics
Fertility Treatment and Abortion:
Key Words:
Fertility treatment: Using scientific methods to help people have children.
IVF: Fertilizing eggs in a science lab.
AID: Artificial Insemination by Donor - or using someone else's sperm.
AIH: Artificial Insemination by Husband - or using your husband's sperm.
Embryo: The very early stages of pregnancy when the egg is beginning to divide.
Surrogacy: When another woman carries the baby in her womb.
Abortion: The premature ending of a pregnancy before full term (or before 24 weeks)
Key Quotes:
"Only god can give and take away life" otherwise known as "the Sanctity of Life"
"Thou shall not commit adultery"
The story of Hannah: God closed Hannah's womb so she could not have children.
"Go forth and multiply"
"Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
"Thou shall not kill"
Think about how these affect the way that a Christian see's fertility treatment;
what forms of fertility treatment does each quote apply to, does it make any
Different Christian Views:
Roman Catholics do not allow abortion unless the mother's life is endangered, this is known as the
"Double Effect"
The Church of England may allow abortion if a child was going to be severely injured (love your
neighbor) or in the case of extreme poverty.

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Euthanasia and Suicide
Key Words:
Active Euthanasia: Helping someone to die in order to ease their suffering. It is also known as mercy
killing. It is illegal under the 1961 suicide act with a sentence of up to 14 years.
Passive Euthanasia: To withdraw life support if a person is brain damaged. This is Not Illegal in
Compassion: The deep awareness and sympathy for a person's suffering.
Samaritans: A Christian organization that aims to reduce suicide.…read more

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Animal Rights
The most common animals (83%) to be used are rodents because they breed very quickly. It is
mainly universities and commercial research groups doing these experiments.
In Britain you must have a license to experiment on animals for: The project (numbers of animals,
purpose, types of animals); The institution (the facilities); and for each scientist involved.
The benefit must outweigh the cost.
Quote What does it mean?
Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground Animals were created by God.…read more


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