Meat - Food Tech

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  • Meat
    • Structure
      • Microscopic fibres of varying length
      • Held together by connective to form bundles
      • Whole muscle surrounded by connective tissue
      • Fatty deposits + blood vessels found between fibres
      • Length of fibres indicate tenderness
        • Long = tough
    • Muscle Contraction
      • Myosin  filaments drawn towards z-line
      • Actin filaments sliding over them
      • Repeated throughout length of myofibril
      • Role of ATP to supply energy
    • Muscle to Meat
      • Carcass stiffens due to rigor mortis
      • Proteins combine (Actin + Myosin)
      • Glycogen broken down to produce ATP
      • Anaerobic glycosis occurs
      • Lactic Acid formed
        • pH falls
    • Putrefaction
      • Enzyme systems break down large molecules
      • Meat susceptible to microbial attack
      • Protein broken down to amino acids
      • Lipids broken down to fatty acids
      • Release of Nitrogen containing susbstances
    • Canning
      • Sealed into a container and heat processed to sterilise
      • Long period of sterilization affects quality
      • Reduction in time would improve quality but risk of poisoning
      • Ham difficult to process
      • Stored under refrigeration prevent spoilage
    • Nutritional Contribution
      • HBV protein
      • No carbohydrate
      • Good source of B vitamin
      • Iron in red meat
      • Low water content
    • Proteins
      • Actin
      • Myosin




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