Maybelline 'That Boss Life'

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  • Maybelline 'That Boss Life'
    • The advert was previously only available to see on YouTube
      • Due to the make-up being advertised by a GAY MAN
        • Unavailable to mainstream audience e,g TV
        • First man in a Maybelline advert
      • Has since been removed from YouTube by Maybelline
        • Found elsewhere; Vimeo
    • There is a one-dimensional camp stereotype
      • Effeminate
      • Playful/ Flirty
    • 'NEW Big Shot Mascara'
      • NEW - NYC
        • Maybelline NY
    • Gay men portrayal
      • Not 'real man'
        • Small bottle and positioning of bottle appears phallic
        • Wear makeup
          • Drag queens?
            • Bad and over-the-top makeup
      • The sparkles and gold make gay men look glitzy and flamboyant
        • Gold is Garish and so are gay men
      • Closeted gay men are the same but sexually confused


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