Maybelline 'That Boss Life'

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  • Maybelline 'That Boss Life'
    • The advert was previously only available to see on YouTube
      • Due to the make-up being advertised by a GAY MAN
        • Unavailable to mainstream audience e,g TV
        • First man in a Maybelline advert
      • Has since been removed from YouTube by Maybelline
        • Found elsewhere; Vimeo
    • There is a one-dimensional camp stereotype
      • Effeminate
      • Playful/ Flirty
    • 'NEW Big Shot Mascara'
      • NEW - NYC
        • Maybelline NY
    • Gay men portrayal
      • Not 'real man'
        • Small bottle and positioning of bottle appears phallic
        • Wear makeup
          • Drag queens?
            • Bad and over-the-top makeup
      • The sparkles and gold make gay men look glitzy and flamboyant
        • Gold is Garish and so are gay men
      • Closeted gay men are the same but sexually confused




Maybelline has just released a new mascara, which is sure to be the talk of the town. The name? "That Boss Life." With this product, you can create that perfect 'I got my life together look with just one swipe. It's available in adour in different colors: black and brown.

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