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Target Audience

  • Looper has elements which appeal to a wide range of people - SciFi


  • Fans of SciFi & Action  - They like other films in that genre or like one of the two.
  • Fans of Bruce Wills - Like other films he has been in or even look up to Wills as a role model
  • Fans of Rian Johnson - Might like other films that she has directed
  • Males - The action, half naked ladies, fighting, drugs
  • Females - See a strong female protagonist, aspire to be like that
  • 15-30 - The action, young lads might like the ladies in the film
  • 25-40 - Bruce Wills is the main factor here
  • Inelectuals - The high tech gadets that they use
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Audience Response

  • Narrative themes in Looper have been known to provoke difffering audience responses

Personal Response

  • Not a fan of SciFi action, didn't really entertain me, however the graphics and special effects used were incrediable

Stuart Hall - Reception Theory

  • Preferred: High quailty film, lots of action codes goig on, creates a mystery throughout, loved the story line, understood what the dorcetor did with the film
  • Oppositional: Hated it, didn't like the story line, thought that invloving children in violence is wrong, and making children the victims
  • Negotiated: Saw where the director was coming from with the story line and accepted that, but didn't agree with it
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Star Appeal

  • Bruce Wills: Big hollywood star, been in lots of famous movies, attracts people to watch the film because of him.  Makes the film add more to there production values, also breaks the barrier for the film between mainstream and indie
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Young, good looking, appeals to the girls and young lads who want to be like him.  Attracts audineces in who like his films,especially being the main protagonist
  • Emily Blunt: Alothough not as well known as Bruce Wills, still a big star to have in an indie film.  Can attract the boys to watch it  - sex appeal

On the poster for Looper you have Bruce Wills standing centre - attacts the audience

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Literal Response

  • Genreally well recieved critically

Box office figures:

  • Domestic Total Gross: $66,486,205
  • + Foreign: $110,020,614
  • = Worldwide: $176,506,819

Production Budget: $30 million

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Marketing - Above the Line

Posters & Trailers

  • Looper included a traditional ATL marketing campiagn - featured some innovative aspects-appeal to SciFi fanbase
  • GIF poster
  • Teaser trailer appeared at WonderCan, alongside that for Prometheus

The Offical Website 

  •  Aimed to show the rules of time travel and break down the complexity of the film
  • LooperVideo+ - customise view of the offical trailer with designated hotspots - unlock director and actor commentary - key scenes - colect 'gold' and 'silver'
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Marketing - Below the Line

The Looper Network

  • This six-week, alternate reality gaming experience invited fans to face the ultimate challenge of becoming a looper and completing online missions to chase their future selves.
  • Fans were ‘recruited’ at Comic Con, and a link to Looper Network was hidden on the official website for fans to discover.
  • This campaign went viral and received mentions from media sources as varied as The Hollywood Reporter, Firstshowing.net and Hitfix.

Social Media

  • Facebook - Photos, Status' that are relevant to the film, information on the DVD, Links to different websites including there own
  • Twitter - Tweets about the film, Re-tweets, Videos of scenes from Looper
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Global Text

  • Looper was co-produced and distributed by DMG - China based compay
  • China - 'Wanted' signs stuck on lamp posts 'Young Joe' 'Old Joe'
  • Massive posters - billboards all around the country
  • Re-make of the rime machine in the lobby of the theatre
  • Stcikers placed on taxis 'looper'
  • First Hollywood gilm to make more money in its opening weekend in China than US
  • Grossing in at $154.8 million in China
  • China is the third largest annual box office returns in the world
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Representation - Men

Old Joe                                                                              Seth - Pluralistic

  • Hegemonic/Pluralistic                                                    Kid Blue - Both
  • Strong                                                                           
  • Fast                                                                               Abe - Both
  • Doesn't have the phsique
  • Uses a gun
  • Takes drugs
  • Punching, fighting

Young Joe

  • Hegemonic
  • Phsyique
  • Looks
  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Use of Guns
  • Drug taking/smoking/gets it on with girls
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Representation - Women

Sara                                                    Joes's Wife - Hegemonic

  • Both                                                                      Caring
  • Mother                                                                  Loving
  • Fights like a man                                                   Pretty  
  • Uses a Gun
  • Pretty
  • Physique


  • Both 
  • Stripper
  • Little clothes
  • Pretty
  • Phsique
  • Isn't affraid of anything
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Representation - Age

Cid                                                                                  Old Joe

  • Pluralistic                                                                    Pluralistic
  • Not like any other 10 year old                                     Fights
  • Mean                                                                          Drives at 100mph
  • Not affraid of anything                                                Isn't afffraid to shoot- anyone
  • Very intelectual


  • Plualstic
  • Fights
  • Shoots people
  • Is the boss
  • Uses the Gun

Young Joe

  • Hegemonic
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Narrative Structure

  • Complex narrative
  • Offered some sort of closure at the end - Cid is saved
  • Non-linear narrative

Equalibrium: Joe shooting loopers

Disruption: Old joe comes back, escapes, have to find him

Obsticles: Saving Cid from Old Joe, protecting Sara, escaping the men trying to find him

Final Obsticle: Does he  try and shoot Old Joe or does he shoot himself

New Equalibrium: What do Cid and Sara do next?

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Young Joe - Hero

Old Joe - Villian

Kid Blue - False Hero

Abe - Dispatcher

Cid - Donor

Sara - Princess/Helper

  • Throughout the film we take sides, the majority of the film we side with Young Joe, however there are some parts where we side with Old Joe - Wife scenes

Binory oppositions

  • Old Vs Young
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Action and Enigma Codes

  • What happens in the rest of the film?
  • What happens to Cid?
  • Gun shots and explosions
  • Drug taking
  • Does Young Joe kill Old Joe
  • At the diner, whats gonna happen between the two Joes - tension music
  • Special effects
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Two meta-narratives:

  • Identity - Two different identies, however both same person - this is what Joe will be like when he is older
  • Mortality - Learns along the way, that the child is more improtant than his life - saves Cid
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Genre - Sci-Fi

SCI-FI: 'A genre that marries a scientific or technological premiese with imaginative speculation'


  • Special effects
  • Treads between the line fantasy and realism
  • Futuristic set design and effects
  • New technology
  • Exploration of new spaces
  • Dystopian setting
  • Explores issues of identity
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Genre - Action

Action Repertoire Elements

  • Usually 12/15 certificates
  • Major studio
  • High production values
  • Fast paced editing
  • Classic 3 act, linear, closed narrative structure
  • Dramatic, non-digetic sound
  • Romace sub-plot

Hybrid Genre

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Unique Selling Point

  • Provides the audience with something that's not always present in mainstream sci-fi and action films
  • Complex narrative themes of a philosphical nature, more often found in Dramas.
  • Audiences are faced with a moral dilemma - boundaries between right and wrong are blurred, issues of family, identity, greed and morality are all explored.
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