Luther (representation)

How is Luther supportive of the generic stereotype of masculinity through its title character?
Long shot - Luther is constructed as a 40 year old, ethnic male, aged face, grey beard
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The use of a long shot...
... emphasises his height, supporting the stereotype that males have to be tall to have power
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How have the audience influenced the text?
They have expectations of how a dominant male should be represented
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Who plays Luther?
Idris Elba
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How is he an example of Dyer's star theory?
He is aesthetically pleasing and an object aspire to
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How is Luther an example of Trujillo's (1991) theory
Occupationally successful (limping due to being shot but stil dedicated to job) Daring, romantic, heterosexual (Date with Mary)
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How is Luther constructed as a stereotypical hero?
Through his morals
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What does Luther value?
Close up - worried facial expression when Tom points the gun at Mary's head
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"I can't"
Constructs his right morals
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How is Luther's tone of voice also a sing of his masculinity?
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Luther could be an example of ...
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How does the industry affect the text?
The BBC doesn't marginalise ethnic minorites as it is one of the world's largest broadcasting agencies and is high culturein the popular culture debate and so can't be seen to discriminate in this way. Luther is not the only black character
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The BBC is...
one of the largest broadcasting agencies in the world
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The BBC has...
a duty to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain
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How has their construction of Luther in this way affected the audience?
Educating them through Gramsci's cultural hegemony about the life and morals of a detective
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How is Tom constructed through Strauss' binary oppositions?
Cross cut - long shot to close up as violent and aggressive due to his facial expressions
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What theory does this juxtaposition support?
Hall (2008) ideology that there is not one type of dominant male, less one dimensional
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How does the text affect the industry?
It helps the BBC achieve their goal of creating high quality and informative programmes
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What stereotypes does Mary support?
Women are gentle and delicate
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Depth of field shot -
Constructs Mary as a caucasian female, angelic and defenseless against Tom who is holding a sawn-off shot gun to her head
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Mary is constructed as aesthetically pleasing to the wester eye through her blonde hair and vulnerability
Mulvey (1975)
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Mary is the ... in Propp's theory
Princess, prize for the hero
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Binary oppositions are between the construction of...
Mary and Alice as the helper
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How is Alice constructed?
Medium close up - less feminine than Mary, short cropped hair, no sexualised in any way, intelligent, defensive of herself (sticking nail in his neck)
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Alice also constructs Hendry's (2016) view that...
TV dramas are starting "to offer mored iverse and proactive views" towards women
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What affect does the action code of Alice sticking a nail in Tom's throat have on the audience?
It has to be more graphic for them to react (Gerbner)
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How does having a woman commit this act also influence the audience?
It is something they are not used to seeing and challenges the stereotypical gender roles of women as empathetic and gentle
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The use of a long shot...


... emphasises his height, supporting the stereotype that males have to be tall to have power

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How have the audience influenced the text?


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Who plays Luther?


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How is he an example of Dyer's star theory?


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