Marxism: explanation of class inequality

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  • Marxism: explanation of class inequality
    • Structural theory
      • seeks to explain inequalities around economic inequalities
      • the privileged in society owned the capital and everyone else owned only their labour power
    • Bourgeoisie and proletariat
      • proletariat are the workers; they own nothing but their own labour which they sell to the bourgeoisie for wages
      • relationship between bourgeoisie and proletariat is exploitative; proletariat are treated as wage slaves
      • proletariat are oppressed in that they can't adequately exercise their dissatisfaction with the relations of production for fear of being sacked
    • Althusser: Ideological State Apparatus
      • the ways in which the state tries to control our thoughts and legitimises the capitalist system. example of ISA = religion and education system
    • Evaluation
      • one dimensional - tries to explain all inequality in terms of economic differences
      • proletarian revolution has failed to take place


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