marxism and religion

brief mindmap on aqa notes- marxism and religion

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  • Marxism and religion
    • Religion acts as the 'opium of the people', cushioning the pain of oppression and exploitation
      • Legitimised and maintained power of ruling class
    • 1) religion promises an eventual escape from suffering and oppression.
      • promises a good life after death
        • religion can offer hope of supernatural intervention, preventing people from attempting to change their position on society.
          • religion provides an explanation for inequality, e.g indian caste system
    • inequalities of wealth, income and power are presented as god given
      • inequalities between rich and poor cannot be questioned without questioning god.
    • EVALUATIONS: religion can only act as 'opium' of people believe, which not everyone does.
      • In 1978, islam was used to overthrow a dicator
        • 1960's America saw catholic priests fighting against dictatorship


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