Marriage Marital Breakdown and Family Decline (MMBFD) #1

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  • Marriage Marital Breakdown and Family Decline.
    • Many see this as a threat to the family, which in turn in the foundation piece of a stable and civilised society.
    • Morgan (2003)
      • Suggests that cohabitation, divorce and delay of marriage can contribute to low fertility rates.
        • This is a result of an ageing population which places a massive burden on those of working age who need support the growing proportion of elderly in the population.
    • Many Western society's have expressed a concern about what they se as the decline of marriage of family life
    • Almond (2006)
      • Believes that the family is fragmenting because there is a shift away from the family as a reproductive unit and more as one of emotional support.
        • This means there is a more individual prespective and acceptance of alternatives e.g. gay families, marital breakdown etc.
          • She believes this is damaging to society and that steps should be taken to reverse this before further damage to society is done.
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    • The threats to marriage and family life come from two main factors:
      • 1) Threats result from alternatives to marriage and conventional marriages
      • 2) Threats resulting from the breakdown of marriages


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