MMBFD #7 Threats Resulting From Alternatives to Marriage and Conventional Marriages: (Summery)

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  • Threats Resulting From Alternatives to Marriage and Conventional Marriages:             (Summery)
    • However, fears about what marriage statistics reveal are probably exaggerated for four reasons:
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        • People are marrying -later - the average age of first marriages rose by 7 years between 1971 and 2005, when it reached 22 years for men and 30 for women.
        • In 2008 the average age at first marriage was considerably older 32.1 for men and 29.9 for women
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        • There are more re-marriages (marriage where one or both partners have been married before).
        • In 2005, 4 in 10 marriages were re-marriages.
        • For many people, this is leading to "serial monogamy" a pattern of marriage, divorce, then re-marry.
      • 3)
        • Couples less likely to marry in church - in 1981, 60% or weddings were conducted with religious ceremonies, but by 2005 this had fallen to 35%
      • 4)
        • Beaujouan and Bhrolchain (2011) showed that in 2004-7, 75.9% of men and 84.2% of women had married by the age of 40.
        • This was significantly less than in 1990-1994 when 87.3 of men and 93.7% or women had married
        • This would suggest a delay in the timing of marriage. However it does not necessarily indicate a reduction in the proportion of partnerships, since many people cohabit and don't get married.
    • Despite in decrease in the overall number of people marrying, married couples are still the main type of partnership for men and women in the UK. In 2005, seven in ten families were headed by married couples.


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