MMBFD #11 Who Divorces?

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  • Who Divorces?
    • The variation is particularly apparent for age and social class groups.
    • Age
      • In general the earlier the age of marriage the more likely it is to end in divorce.
      • For women who were under 20 when they married in the late 1980's, 24% had separated within 5 years compared with 8% who married between the ages of 25-29.
      • Reasons for high divorce among young married couples include:
        • Lack of awareness of the demands of marraige
        • The bride is more likely to be pregnant which places a strain on the marriage.
        • More likely to "grow apart" ad their attitudes and beliefs are still developing
        • Money problems in which young people are more likely to be low paid on unemployed
        • Lack of experience win choosing a suitable partnet
    • Kieran and Mueller (1999)
      • Financial problems appear to be the main cause
      • In genereal the social class position of the husband , the more likely the couple are to divorce.
      • Unemploy-ment, reliance on state benefits and low income are all associated with high divorce rates.
    • Experience
      • Of parent divorce may cause psychological problems which are carried forward to the child's marriage of it may simply make divorce more acceptable
    • Re-marriiage
      • Are more likely to end a divorce than first marriages. May be the problems which cause the first divorce and carried though to the second marrioage.
    • Differences
      • In class, ethnicity and religion between the couple are associated with higher divorce rates. They will have less in common, they may have different expectations about marriage and these differences may result in conflict.


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