PSychology Marmot Workplace Stress

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    • Hypothesis
      • Civil service higher grade employees would experience higher workload whereas low grade civil servants would experience lower level of control
    • Procedure
      • 7372 civil servants in London
      • Given a questionnaire about workload, job control, amount of social support
      • Given a physical examination for signs of cardiovascular disease
      • Reassessed 5 years later
    • Findings
      • No link between high workload and stress related illness
      • Higher grades of C.S worker developed fewest cardiovascular problems and lowest grademost
    • Conclusion
      • Job demand is not a significant factor in stress
      • Fewest problems = Higher grade employees had a high sense of job control and good levels of social support
    • Evaluation
      • Culturally limited (Only London)
      • Social desirability (Questionnaire- could lie)
      • Doesn't factor in other stressors (eg: divorce) no direct cause and effect
      • Has practical applications (Help stop problems before they start)
      • 5 years in large gap (don't know what happened in that time)
      • Johansson supports, as finishers had very little control over rate of production (more likely to be ill than other workers)


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