Sources of Stress - in Everyday Life

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Daily hassles are everyday events that are stressful

Kanner et al - stress and daily hassles

Method: 100 adults completed a questionnaire each month which asked them choose which hassles they experienced that month from a list of 117. They then had to rate each hassle to show how severe it had been for them. This was repeated for 9 months.

Results: Certain hassles occured more frequently than others, such as worrying about weight, family health and rising cost of living. They found that those with high scores were more likely to have physical and psychological health problems. They also found scores on an uplift scale (make you feel good) were negatively related to ill health - may reduce stress or protect us from it. 

Conclusion: Daily hassles are linked to stress and health, with a stronger correlation than SRRS.

Evaluation: Weaknesses of correlational methods - cause and effect. Quantative data which is useful for comparisons but don't allow explanations. Rely on honesty which may not be possible. Rely on accuracy of recall. 

Stress in the Workplace

  • Relationships 
  • Pressures
  • Physical environment 
  • Stressed about our role
  • Lack of control

Marmot et al - lack of control and illness in the workplace

Method: Over


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