Managing ecosystems-Global, National and Local

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  • Managing eco-systems: Local, National and Global solutions.
    • Amazon Rainforest Brazil
      • Being Destroyed at a rate of 80000 acres a day.
        • Affects carbon cycle as effects magnitude of stores-More carbon in atmosphere= enhanced greenhouse effect.
          • 1700-0.028 percent co2 in atmosphere 2016-0.039 percent co2
            • This is also influenced by the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
      • Large demand for resources at Brazils population grows. Population tripled since 1950.
    • Juma Amazon Jungle Lodge=Local solution.
      • Recycling and Waste management centre.  Even for glass bottles 315kg of co2 is saved per ton of bottles recycled.
      • Educates locals on importance of the rainforest and how to manage in a sustainable but economical way.
    • Kyoto Protocol- Global solution
      • International treaty with 192 members.
      • Global regime to ruduce and stabalise GHG emissions-restrictions on biggest polluters like UK and US.


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