4.3.8 - Management Information Systems - Bad Features

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  • Bad Management Information System (Features)
    • Lack of management involvement in intial design
      • This can lead to ICT professionals taking the lead in developing the product, which can mean that it doesn't fully meet the particular needs of the business
    • Poor communications between professionals
      • Poor communications lead to poor results
    • Inadequate Initial Analysis
      • The first stages of analysis are done poorly, so the potential need for more detailed analysis is missed
      • This can happen if the initial requirements for the system were poorly specified or poorly implemented
    • Lack of management knowledge about computer systems and their capabilities
      • This can lead to an overly simplisitc system that doesn't enable managers to dig into data and analyse the data in greater depth
      • Needs managers and ICT professionals to be able to work together
        • Ideally on an ongoing basis to ensure the latest analysis tools are available
    • Inappropriate hardware and software
      • This typically refers to a poor speed for the MIS
        • If it runs too slowly, it won't be readily usable for processing or for producing printed clear output
    • Lack of professional standards
      • Referring to the British Computer Society (BCS) Standards
        • Avoiding bias and self interest whilst developing systems so the client gets a system which best meets their needs
      • A lack of standards may see ICT professionals attempting to complete jobs for which they have insufficient experience
        • The BCS Standards should stop or reduce this likelihood
    • Complexity of the System
      • Balance needs to be achieved between ease of use and the potential for more details analysis
      • Without the intial "ease of use", it is unlikely that the managers will use it and then become inclined to be more demanding of it


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This is one of three valuable mind maps which cover MIS. They are good to use as printed posters for familiarisation. Use the "Test Yourself" feature to review your learning.

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