4.3.8 - Management Information Systems - Good Features

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  • Good Management Information Systems (Features)
    • Providing Data in an Appropriate Form
      • Capability to output in different formats
    • Allow Individual Project Planning
      • Better planning fot the futures based upon past and current performance
    • Flexibility of Data Analysis
      • The output and analysis from the MIS should be able to meet the differing needs of different managers
    • Improve interpersonal communications amongst management and employees
      • Management
        • MIS analysis should give a better understanding of how the different parts of the business work and enable managers to communicate more effectively about this
      • Employees
        • Managers can justify their decisions to employees based upon real information, enchancing thier standing and enabling employees to be and feel more involved
    • Accessible to a wide range of users and support a wide range of skills and knowledge
      • A need for the MIS to be easy to use by managers with variable knowledge and ability
        • Easy to get started with plenty more detailed analysis possible by more able managers
    • Avoid Information Overload
      • Too much information is a problem because it can obscure the useful information
      • A good MIS is able to analyse the data and highlight the key data
    • Accuracy of the data
      • Good quality data makes good decisions likely


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This is one of three valuable mind maps which cover MIS. They are good to use as printed posters for familiarisation. Use the "Test Yourself" feature to review your learning.

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