Making CBDs Safer

Refers to AQA A2 Geography

World Cities Option

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  • Making CBDs Safer
    • Problems
      • CBDs increasingly perceived as threatening environments
      • Movement and action of certain groups of people, especially women are constrained by fear
    • Safer transport system
      • Seperate compartments on trains or night buses for women
      • Priority taxis after 10pm for women, known as the 'Lady Cab' service in Manchester.
      • Formal licensing of mini cabs in cities so all private hire vehicles are regulated and registered.
    • Improvements to the street environment
      • Widespread CCTV cameras to monitor crime
      • Better maintenance of street lighting
      • Help points at key locations such as underground train stations, with emergency alarms directly connected to local police.
      • Smoother pavements, few obstancles and better enforcement of on-kerb parking to help women with prams, and also improving disability access.
      • Extra seating in public areas
      • Transparent bus shelters to prevent people hiding behind them
      • Cutting hedges at top and bottoms to increase light and safety.
      • Better lighting and the privison of ground floor women-only sections in multistory car parks.


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