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Urbanisation: The growth in proportion of a country's population living in urban areas.

Urbanisation is caused by rural-urban migration and a naturally increasing population. Migrants tend
to be young people seeking employment, who may then have children, further increasing the urban

Rural Push Factors Urban Pull Factors

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Building new homes to replace slums
Improving services available in the slums
Involving residents in slum redevelopment

Case Study: Dharavi, Mumbai
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is India's largest city
It is India's main finance centre, the home of Bollywood film and accounts for 70% of
maritime trade in India…

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A plan to combat poor quality of life, starting in 2004.
Includes 6 core targets:
o Increase housing availability and affordability
o Raise adequate financing and reduce admin expenditure
o Improve infrastructure for transport, increase the number of parking spaces
available and the number of motorways
o Make governance efficient…

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Infections and disease under control Easy spread of infections and disease
Illegal hookups to electricity mains that are Illegal hook ups to electricity mains, or no
gradually improved to be safer and legal supply at all
Crime, prostitution and drug offences are Widespread social issues due to poverty and


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