Case study - Poland to UK migration

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  • poland to uk migration
    • mostly men aged 20-35 seeking job oppurtunities as dont get paid enough in poland
      • + will work for minimum wage
      • + send money back to families
      • + do jobs that english people won't e.g factor workers
      • + earn 3x what they would earn in Poland
      • + Bring culture to the uk
    • this is taking place in Peterborough - an established community, close to london with a lot of job opportunities
      • - conflicts with local people as they are stealing all the jobs
      • - the polish people aren't spending money in the UK (sending it back to famililies)
      • - "brain drain" in poland as educated people coming to uk
      • - bigger population in uk = pressure on schools and hospitals
      • - Hard for polish people to adjust to english people's way of living


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