Poland to UK - CASE STUDY

Push and pull factors

Poland to UK - Migration and Population - Case Study


  • Unemployment - 20 - 25% in Poland
  • Low wage - Average monthy wage = £200 (a teacher)
  • Low standard of living - Child benefits are 1/10th of the UK's, poor access to health services


  • Full time employment - UK enemployment is only 5.1%, demand for variety of labour
  • Better salaries - Could get paid £600 a month handing out leaflets
  • Better quality of life - Once they have worked in the UK for 12 months they are entilited to the same level of state support as British citizens
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Consequences on source and host country

Poland to UK - Migration and Population - Case Study



  • 2005 - 10% Polish construction jobs not filled
  • 2007 - 35% Polish construction jobs not filled


  • £2.4bn / year contributed to UK economy by migrants
  • Polish workers have a spending power of £3.5 - £4bn



  • Poland offering better salaries to encourage Poles to return home
  • Unbalanced population - more females than males


  • Social tention between Polish and UK citizens has led to violence
  • Services are under a bigger strain
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