Clauses of the treaty of Versailles

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  • The Clauses of the Treaty of Versailles
    • Military restrictions
      • The German army was limited to 100,000 soldiers
      • Conscription was banned; all soldiers had to be volunteers
      • Germany was not allowed tanks, submarines or military aircraft
      • The German Navy could only have only six battleships
    • Territorial Changes
      • Alsace Lorraine were returned to France
        • Germany lost 10% of land
      • Eupen and Malmedy went to Belgium
        • Germany lost 16% of its coalfields
      • Northern Schleswig went to Denmark
        • Germany lost 12.5% population
      • Memel was taken over by LON and transferred to Lithuanina in 1923
      • Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria
        • Germany lost half of its iron and steel industry
    • Reparations
      • Germany would pay the Allies all the costs of the damages caused by them
    • War guilt
      • The War Guilt clause forced Germany to accept responsibility for the war


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