Hitler's foreign policy

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  • Hitler's Foreign Policy aims and how they were to blame to war
    • Destroying the treaty of Versailles and its implications
      • One of the implications was: the disarmament clause would be broken by building up the army navy and air force
      • Germany's western frontier would be secured by remilitarisation and fortifying the rhineland
      • Lost territory would be regained
    • Creating a greater Germany and its implications
      • All German speaking people would be brought into the Reich
      • The frontiers of Germany would be expanded to cover the areas where the population was mainly German. This would include:
        • Austria
        • Poland
        • Czechoslovakia
    • Destroying communism and its implications
      • Germany would be drawn into conflict with Soviet Russia
    • Acquiring Lebensraum (living space) and its implications
      • Hitler thought it was the entitlement of all Germans to have living room
      • This would also mean more land for recreation and cultivation
      • This concept implied expansion towards Poland and Soviet Russia
    • Building up a central European empire and its implications
      • Once Hitler has achieved this he would be the ruler of a new European superpower


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