Paris Peace Settlement Treaties

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Treaty of Versailles

The treaty of Versailles was signed in the Hall of Mirrors wihch had been humiliating for the germans as it was where they had signed the treaty withe the germans in 1871 after their defeat in the Franco-Prussian war. The peace terms were:  Land- 13% of all Germany's land had been taken away and lost 10% of her population. Land taken had included North Schleswigg to Denmark, West Prussia, Posen and the Polish corridor to Poland, Alsace Lorraine to France, Eupen and Malmedy to Belgium, the Saar had been put under the league of nations under 15 years with later plebescite and the coalmines were given to France's control.  Army- Germany's army had been reduced from 3 million to 100,000 men, no conscription allowed, no general staff. It was allowed to have 6 battleships, no submarines, no tanks and no airforce. Rhineland was to be a demilitarised zone.  Money- Germany was to pay 132 million marks or 6 billion pounds as reparations, in annual instalments in either gold or raw materials.  Blame- To justify the reparations, clause 231 or the war guilt clause had blamed Germany for starting the war in the first place therefore could enforce her to pay for all the damages done.

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Treaty of St.Germain (Austria)

Forbade the union of Austria with Hungary. Reduced army to 35,000 men. Gave Bohemia and Moravia to Czechoslovakia. Gave Bosnia and Herzegovina to Yougoslavia. Made to pay reparation.

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Treaty of Trianon (Hungary)

Forbade it to united with Austria. Army had been reduces to 30,000 men. Gave Transylvania to Romania. Gave Slovakia and Ruthenia to Czechoslovakia. Made to pay reparations.

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Treaty of Neuilly (Bulgaria)

Lost land to Romania, Yougoslavia and Greece. Lost its access to the Meditteranean sea. Made to pay reparations.

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Treaty of Sevres (Turkey)

Gave Smyrna to Greece, people could plebescite to join the sides later. The Dardanelles traits were made an international waterway. The army had been limited to 50,000 men. Had to pay reparations to the allies for the damage of the war. TREATY OF LAUSANNE (1923) Gave Smyrna back to the Turks.

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