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  • living world case studies
    • Atlantic forest, Brazil-deforestation
      • causes
        • expansion of sao paulo and rio de janiero
        • logging
        • mining
        • new roads and logging trails
        • farm land
      • solutions
        • debt for nature swaps- a rich country like USA cancels debt of a poorer country like Peru in exchange for more nature protection in Peru
        • forest stewardship council (FSC) promotes sustainable logging firms which reduces demand for wood from unsustainable enterprises
        • selective logging- where only mature trees are felled to maintain canopy to stop rain washing away nutrients in the soil
        • non-for-profit organisations(NGO's) organise debt for nature swaps are do conservation work to protect endangered species
    • Epping forest
      • some grass left uncut to encourage wildlife, like butterflies
      • paths marked out to stop people trampling vegetation and disturbing wildlife
      • dead wood left as a home for insects and food for fungi
    • uses or rich deserts-Australian outback
      • retiremnet villages like mount gambier
      • large cattle ranches as their is plenty of space
      • mining
      • tourism to see uluru rock and experience aboriginal culture. 400,000 people visited the outback in 2005
      • hunting and gathering
    • uses of poor deserts- Thar desert, India
      • the new Indira Ghandi canal irrigates farmland to grow wheat and cotton
      • mining of limestone and gypsum
      • tourism-locals can be guides and provide transport, like camels


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