health and social care UNIT 3 legislations

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  • Legislation
    • Health and safety at work act 1974
      • Regulator for the safety of people at work
      • Employers must protect their employees on their premises
      • Primary piece of legislation covering occupational health
      • Established the HSE (Health Service Executive)
    • Management of health and safety at work regulations (MHSWR) 1999
      • Risk assessments should take place
      • Employees are given adequate health and safety training
      • Procedures in place to follow hazards occur
    • Food safety act 1990
      • Requires that good personal hygiene is maintained when working with food
      • Records should be kept of where the food came from
      • Requires that if any food is unsafe it is removed and an incident report is made
    • Food safety regulations 1995
      • Food needs to be managed in a controlled environment
      • Raw meat and vegetables should be prepared on separate chopping boards
      • Requires that environments where food is prepared and cooked are kept clean and in good condition
    • Manual handling operations regulations 1992
      • Requires employers to avoid hazardous manual handling tasks where possible
      • Requires employers to provide information, training and supervision about safe moving and handling
      • Requires employers to reduce risks associated with manual handling tasks
    • Reporting of injuries, disease and dangerous occurrences regulations (RIDDOR) 2013
      • Requires employers to report and keep record for 3 years of work related accidents that cause death or serious injuries, disease or dangerous occurrences
      • Procedures should be in place for reporting injuries, disease and incidents
      • Employers should provide information and training on reporting injuries, disease and incidents
    • Data protection act 1998
      • Protects the security of personal information
      • Requires information is accurate and up to date
      • Requires that information is kept secure
    • Civil contingencies act 2004
      • The act sets out how organisations must work together to plan and respond to local and national emergencies
      • It requires that risk assessment are undertaken and emergency plans are put in place
      • It establishes how organisations, local authorities and health bodies can work together and share information
    • The health and social care (safety and quality) act 2015
      • This act sets out about how health and social care providers must share information about a persons care with other professionals so that it is safe and effective
      • Must use the NHS number when sharing information
      • People convicted of certain offences can be removed from the registers of health and social care professions
    • Control of substances hazardous to health regulations (COSHH) 2002
      • Risk assessments must be carried out to prevent or control exposure to hazardous substances
      • Employers to have procedures in place for safe working with hazardous substances


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