Language and Technology Theory + Theorists

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  • Language and Technology
    • Theorists
      • David Crystal - 'Textisms'
        • Deleted vowels - Type quicker (text -> txt)
        • Phonetic Spelling - Reduce word count (you -> u)
        • Contraction - shortening words to make it easier to type (going to -> gonna)
      • Schegloff - Phone/talk patterns
        • Summons/ answer - Caller summons called person, called person picks up phone
        • Identification-recognition: Person identifies him/herself and recognises other
        • Greetings - People exchange mutual greetings.
    • Theories
      • Technology replicated in person language
        • Fairclough turn taking - Computers allow you to 'take turns' - drop down menu for your turn
        • Schelgoff Cannonical opernings - telephone conversations start in the same way and have similar structures
      • Giles Accom-modation theory
        • Divergence and Convergence
        • Change your language style to reflect others
      • Grice's Maxims
        • Quantity - Never say more or less than needed in conversation
        • Relevance/ Relation - Always stay relevant to the topic of conversation
        • Manner - Be clear, orderly and brief in what you say
        • Quality - Always say what you know to be true; do not give false info in conversation
    • Key Terms
      • Technologies use - Makes commu-nication easier, faster and more effective




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