King Henry III - how he secured the throne

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  • Reasons why Team Henry III won
    • Leadership
      • William the Marshall successfully organised multiple victories and Henry's coronation
    • Experience
      • Helped them win victories such as William the Marshall, and they knew the terrain, such as William of Kensham
    • Support from the church
      • Guala's support was instrumental to negotiations with Louis
      • Support of the Church helped Henry appeal to many in England
    • Henry's right to the throne
      • These two  both meant that Henry had more support from Barons & English nobles
        • Henry's innocence
    • Magna Carta
      • Gave Henry III stability and also the support of the Barons
    • Military ability
      • William of Kensham's skilled guerrilla tactics helped win at Dover
      • William the Marshall's experience and the assistance of others led to their victory at Lincoln
    • Henry's innocence
    • Naval ability
      • Blocked Louis' reinforcement and harassed his ports
    • Negotiation ability
      • William the Marshall and Guala were able to convince Louis to leave England, through military ability (blockade and threatening starvation) and negotiation
    • Loyalty and teamwork
      • Hubert de Bugh refused to surrender Dover even when threatened with starvation and death
      • Co-ordinated with each other well, such as at Lincoln


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