Henry VII solutions

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  • Henry VII's Solutions
    • Henry married Elizabeth of York in January 1486
      • Securing succession of the crown
    • In 1489 Elizabeth gave birth to a son Prince Arthur
      • Succession of the throne
    • Henry arranged for his coronation to be held on 30th October, before his fist parliament on 7th November
      • People accept you as a legitimate king, as this demonstrated that his right to the throne was hereditary and not because parliament sanctioned it
    • Henry detained the Earl of Warwick(nephew of Edward IV and Richard III)and Elizabeth of York(daughter of Edward IV),both strong claims to the throne
      • Ensuring his throne
    • Parliamentary Acts of Attainder meant that yorkist lands were forfeited to the crown
      • Raising money
    • Henry public ally rewarded his followers, such as conferring 11 knighthoods
      • Keeping control of nobility
    • He made key appointments to his household
      • who can be trusted
    • Henry dates his reign from the day before the Battle of Bosworth.This meant that anyone who fought the Yorkist side could be declared a traitor
      • Who can be trusted and who can not be


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