Henry Tudor's hold on the throne,1485-87

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  • Henry Tudor's hold on the throne,1485-87
    • How far do you agree that Henry VII's claim to the throne was weak?
      • Weakness
        • Usurper
        • Claim came through a woman (his mother Margaret Beaufort)
        • Victory to the throne rested on his victory  in battle
      • Strength
    • How far do you agree that the main reason Henry VII succeeded in establishing the dynasty in the year 1485-99 was the strength of his royal connections?
      • Strength of his royal connections
        • Married Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward IV
      • Had support from the Pope and the Church
      • Legitimate claim
        • Descendant of Edward III (through Margaret Beaufort)
        • Father Edmund Tudor - half-nephew of the King of England/ member of the extended royal family
      • Victory in battle - God had approved
      • Secured the unchallenged succession of his descendants
        • Policies home/abroad
      • Immediate control of the nobility
    • To what extent had Henry VII secured his claim to the throne by 1487?
      • Security
      • Continued weaknesses


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