Kielder and Water Supplies

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  • Kielder
    • Positives for building Kielder outweighed the negatives
    • 1/4 million visitors each year = economic benefit
    • HEP plant generates enough energy for 4000 homes
    • Jobs were made available during the build
    • An eco village nearby is powered by waste chips from the forestry process
    • Disadvantage
      • People were made to leave their homes
        • Relatively few people had to leave homes though...
      • Expensive initially
      • Picturesque landscape destroyed
    • Many leisure activities such as horse riding and walking have been provided
  • Why is water demand increasing?
    • Individuals are using more water daily. Population increase means more people are using water as well.
      • Population increase also means greater demand for things like meat which requires huge amounts of water
    • South East=more affluent=can afford more water=use more water
    • Water  Stress= amount of available water does not meet the amount required
    • Areas of deficit= places where rain fall does not provide enough water on a permanent basis
    • Areas of surplus= areas than have more water than is needed (often have a small population)
    • Sustainable= water supplies long term that don't harm environment
    • Conservation= thoughtful use of resources





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