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Resource management in the UK: Water


~The UK uses appx. 1/2 thr water Spain does (1334 p.a.)

~70% more water is used than 30 years ago

~increased use of household appliances such as washing machines: 94% houses owned one in 2010, compared to just 66% in 1972

~ the avg. person uses 150L per day, but it can vary from 107-166

~Africa uses 47L per day, The USA uses 578L per day

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Resource management in the UK: Water

PROGRESS QUESTION: Explain why some areas in England experience water stress.

There's more water stress in the south east, like in Essex. This could be because of the geology- softer, more absorbant rock down south creates lowlands, which absorb more water, and get less relief rain. Also, dender population down douth in areas like london put more pressure on water sources. In areas with hard rock, like Lancashire, there is low water stress, as mountains cause relief rainfall, and water ends up in lakes and resevoirs like Grizedale. 

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Resource management in the UK: Water


~The most reliable water supply in the whole of NE England

~Can supply 909 million L's, 109 more than the whole country needs in 1 day

~Became a tourist attraction

~Created jobs and benefitted the economy

~Water is used to generate power at the Kielder Dam

~Release of clean water into the river Tyne encouraged sea trout to migrate upriver to breed

~If pollution occurs downstream, then water can be released to flush it out to sea

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Resource management in the UK: Water


~1.5 million trees cut down to clear the space

~The North-East doesn't have high water stress, so it is un-needed in that area

~The effect on the land and wildlife – river habitats would need to  be protected. for example, the breeding of river tout upstream will take away from fishermen who work downstream

~The high costs involved

~There are greenhouse gases released in the process of pumping water over long distances

~Some families had to be rehoused or mved when it was built 

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