Kielder Water

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Explain what a water transfer scheme is using Kielder as an example.
Water transfer scheme (water transferred from one area to another). The water from the
reservoir is released into the river Tyne, Derwent, Wear and Tees. This helps to maintain river
flows when levels are low. Extra water can also be released for household and industrial use.
This water is used to maintain minimum flow levels at times of low natural. At Riding Mill water
can enter a tunnel to be moved to the River Wear to supply Sunderland
At Eggleston water can be extracted from the tunnel into the River Tees to supply
How is water transferred and where is it transferred to?
The water is transferred by aqueduct Airy Holm, Frosterly, and Eggleston. An aqueduct is
an artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge supported by
tall columns across a valley. Airy Holm transfers water 39km to Frosterly.
Frosterly outlet - water is released into the Wear which will later supply enough water
to water stressed areas or water deficient areas.
Eggleston Outlet - water is released into the Tees which will again supply water to water
deficient areas. (Pumping Station ­ 6 pumps) Beyond this is a gravitational tunnel leading to
Airy holm.

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What are the Costs and Benefits?
A hydroelectric power station, using the water released by Kielder reservoir can
generate 6MW of power.
The scheme includes 8 sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), covering 7800ha
and containing unique plants and animals, Kielder is one of the last places for red
squirrels in England.
The lake is 11km long and stores nearly 200,000 million litres of water ­ this helps in
time of water storages.…read more

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Kielder replanted once felled, Kielder
forest employs up to 260 forest employs up to 260
employees.` employees.`
A visitors study showed 58 families were displaced The release of clean water
that £6 million is raised from their homes by the into the river Tyne has
through tourism at Kielder dam, their houses encouraged Salmon and Sea
every year. disappearing beneath the trout to migrate upriver to
lake that formed.…read more

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Efficient…read more


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