Kielder Reservoir, Northumberland

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  • Kielder Reservoir, Northumberland 1960s
    • Schools and youth groups use the area for recreation.
      • Has become a major tourist attraction = created jobs and benefited economy.
      • The North-East now has the most reliable water supply in England.
      • Forest Park surrounding Kielder water, is harvested from timber and employs over 200 people.
        • Road network affected for locals.
    • HEP created.
      • If pollution occurs downstream, clean water can be released to dilute it and flush it out to sea.
      • Conservation areas were involved.
    • 1 and a half million trees cut down to build reservoir.
    • Families living near reservoir had to be relocated and re-housed when reservoir was built.
      • Habitats were ruined and destroyed due to deforestation.


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